10 Influencer Platforms for Creators to Join

10 Influencer Platforms for Creators to Join

Our recommendations for how to make the most of the many platforms available to you!
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by Kelly Stone
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Oct 28, 2021
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Are you looking to find brands with a budget but not sure where to start? While we have several recommendations on following the 💸 , one of our tips is scouting influencer platforms for brands running campaigns. While you can secure brand partnerships through these platforms, we often recommend reaching out to the brand directly. Why? Direct communication with the brand often provides more favorable terms to you as a creator. Not to mention, some platforms have added in creator agreements with clauses on content ownership or require creators to opt into things like Global licensing to secure more brand partnerships.
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💡 Willa Tip: Reach out to brands directly for the opportunity to negotiate the terms of a partnership, something you often cannot do on influencer marketing platforms.
Nonetheless, being on influencer platforms can help you see what brands are running campaigns, what products they are focusing on, and the campaign goal they are working towards. Just be sure to read through the terms of service of any platforms before joining! Below are just some of the many influencer marketing platforms out there that creators can join.


You can join the Mavrck influencer index to create a profile and make your account searchable through their platform. When using Mavrck you will receive outreach directly from brands working within the platform or agencies working on their behalf.
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Prominent clients include: Kraft, Express, and Bounty


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Unlike many of the other influencer platforms, Cohley is a platform that focuses on content for brands to utilize on their own social channels. When you sign up for Cohley you will see new campaign opportunities directly on your dashboard.
Prominent clients include: Olly Vitamins, Warby Parker, and CVS Pharmacy


Fohr shares a bulletin of potential brand opportunities with those who are registered on the platform. They also offer detailed information about your account which you can use to update your media kit!
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Octoly shares a wide variety of brands, but largely focuses on skincare and beauty products from well-known brands. This platform is focused on gifted campaigns.
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Prominent clients include: Laneige, Caudalie, Clarins


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Heartbeat is a popular influencer marketing platform for nano influencers posting to TikTok and Instagram. The platform works with a wide range of brands and niches. They offer paid campaigns, but often with low rates.
Prominent clients include: Beyond Meat, Dunkin, Bose


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Scroll through Activates current partnership opportunities with the ability to negotiate your rate and submit proposals for partnerships. You also have the ability to filter campaigns based on compensation.
Prominent clients include: Dove, Vaseline, and Levi’s

Hashtag Paid

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This platform allows you to set your own rates for both posts to your owned media channels as well as rates for custom content creation to be posted by the brand itself. Campaigns are shown to you after signup.
Prominent clients include: Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Ikea

Obviously Studio

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Obviously Studio predominantly sends emails to campaigns it thinks you would be a good fit for, although these are accessible in the online dashboard as well. Unpaid campaigns typically earn you a corgi which can be exchanged for cash after you have 10 corgis.
Prominent clients include: Pantene, Google Home, and Harry’s


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This platform features a dashboard of campaign opportunities. Clever looks for creators that are active on at least two social platforms and that excel at being storytellers. They feature a wide variety of brands including food, fashion, and travel.
Prominent clients include: Toyota, Papa Johns, and Kroger

Social Native

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This platform features a variety of different campaigns that creators are matched to which are then featured in your dashboard. Campaign opportunities are also emailed directly. This platform works with nano, micro, and macro-influencers!
Prominent clients include: Perrier, Dollar Shave Club, Polaroid
Do you have a favorite influencer platform that is not featured on this list? Be sure to share it in the comments with us!

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