How to Get Brands Reaching out to YOU

How to Get Brands Reaching out to YOU

The Holiday season is just around the corner and brands are searching for new partners to share their message (and marketing budget)! Will they be able to find you?
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by Kelly Stone
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Nov 8, 2021
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The Holiday season is just around the corner and brands are searching for new partners to share their message (and marketing budget)! Will they be able to find you? Maybe not... Brands report that finding the right influencers can be a major challenge. To help them find you, we have curated a list of tips to get brands sliding in your DMs knowing you are the right creator for their upcoming campaigns. Careful, implementing all these tips might leave you booked and busy for the Holiday season 😉

Use branded hashtags

Are you interested in working with a brand you buy from? Be sure to use their branded hashtag when a post includes their product. Brands often want to partner with creators who use and love their products as they have already authentically connected with the brand. Not to mention brands frequently look through these hashtags for User Generated Content (UGC) so they are more likely to come across your post! Want to find your favorite brands' hashtags? Head to their Instagram page and check their bio, the hashtags they are following, and their own posts. If all else fails, check out their tagged posts for specific hashtags other creators may be using.

Tag the brand in your posts

Similar to using branded hashtags, when featuring the brand make sure to tag them! This is another area brands will frequently search through for UGC and provides another opportunity for you to be seen. Plus, when you land your future partnership, your audience will already know how much you love them!

Interact with the brand

Interacting with the brand is another great way to create a warm lead! You likely wouldn't buy it if someone who wasn't following you or liking your posts told you how much they loved your page. Go the extra mile to interact with the brand as a member of their community! Whether that's joining in on the discussion in the comments or sharing a new launch you're loving, engaging with the brand shows your alignment!

Be a great affiliate

If you are already doing steps one and two, consider joining the brand's affiliate program or working through a platform like MagicLinks or LTK. Both of these platforms also offer partnership opportunities, which frequently are shared with top affiliates. If you are already generating sales for a brand, it's a great sign for them that your audience is truly interested in their products!
Learn more about affiliate programs and succeeding with affiliate marketing here!

Create content that is similar to the brand aesthetic

When partnerships managers are seeking partners there is often a list of criteria they are searching for. If the brand is looking for video content, do you often create content in the style they are seeking? If the brand is seeking moody imagery, they likely won't be reaching out to accounts with a bright & airy aesthetic. Focusing on creating content that is aligned with what your favorite brands are sharing is a great way to get noticed after they've made it to your profile from the above steps!

Make sure your email is in your bio

Now that you've done all the work to get the brand's attention, make sure it is easy for them to reach out! Although Instagram offers the email button, being able to copy and paste your email is often easier. In addition, most partnerships managers are working from their computer where the email button may not be available! We wouldn't want someone passing on your work simply because they couldn't access your contact info.