How to Create a Link-in-Bio Page for your Website

How to Create a Link-in-Bio Page for your Website

What is a Link-In-Bio page and why do you need one?
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by Kelly Stone
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Oct 22, 2021
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What is a link-in-bio page

The link-in-bio page was largely popularized by sites like and Later media which sought to maximize the utility of the single link Instagram offered for their bio. Creators can leverage a link-in-bio page across their platforms by having a central landing page to help drive traffic to a variety of different areas. You can use a link-in-bio page to help your followers get to your other social media pages, shop products you have shared, or share your affiliate codes.
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Why should you have a Link-in-Bio page on your website?

While sites like and Later allow you to create a link in your bio page, there are benefits to creating your own landing page that is hosted on your website. Rather than driving traffic to a different website, you are driving that traffic to your own. This helps your own web traffic as well as gives you access to google analytics for that particular page.

Ready to make your own Link in Bio Page?

There are several options available when it comes to creating this page on your website. Here are a few options!

Creating the link-in-bio page (WordPress)

Creating a link-in-bio page for your WordPress site is surprisingly simple! Check out this tutorial below to see how to create your own using the free Elementor plugin.
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Not to mention, creating your own gives you maximum customization. For my own, I have added hover animations, my logo, and my LTK shop. You can snag the exact template for the page I created here along with a full tutorial on how to add it to your Wordpress website!
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Buying a template

There are also options available to buy templates for your link in bio, just be sure you are buying one that is for your hosting domain rather than Canva if you want this to be hosted on your website. Great spots to look for templates like this include CreativeMarket and Etsy!

Use Pro to embed it

Another option for anyone who really loves is to upgrade to pro where you have the option to embed your page on your website. You’ll receive all the pro features, a quick and easy setup, and keep the traffic flowing straight to your website.

No website? No problem! Check out these alternative options:

  1. Since allows for hosted link-in-bio pages, they are a great option if you do not have a website yet.
  1. Later: You can create a link-in-bio page with Later, which is great if you are already using their platform to schedule out your content.
  1. Milkshake: Looking for a pseudo website? Check out Milkshake. Not only do you receive insights on the links clicked, but you are also able to add additional information (like a bio!) that you would typically add to a website.
  1. Campsite: Our link-in-bio for the Willa community is hosted via campsite, which even allows you to embed videos directly on your link-in-bio page! Make your landing page extra engaging with a gif of you saying hello.
Do you have a link-in-bio page?