How to Create a Content Calendar

How to Create a Content Calendar

Using a content calendar allows you to more easily plan out social media content and remain consistent with your messaging across multiple platforms.
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by Kelly Stone
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Nov 1, 2021
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What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is an organizational tool you can use as a creator to schedule out upcoming content. Content calendars often feature important events and dates (in your industry & business) and what content will be published on which platform.

Why should you have a content calendar?

Using a content calendar allows you to more easily plan out social media content and remain consistent with your messaging across multiple platforms. Consistency has long been heralded as the key to a successful social media strategy, so anything to make publishing content easier is a win in our eyes.

How to Make a Content Calendar

1. Decide how you want to format your calendar

There are a litany of different ways you can create a content calendar. You can use canva to make a hand-written content calendar, a google spreadsheet, or software like Asana and Notion. We recommend working with whatever method is most comfortable to you so that you can be consistent in using your content calendar.

2. Find relevant dates for your niche (fun holidays, important dates (re: NYFW if you are a fashion blogger))

For the base of your content calendar, you’ll want to look for important dates and fun holidays within your industry. Check out There is a day for that if you are looking for fun holidays that may be good to share within your niche. This is also a good opportunity to add in important dates in your industry. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, NYFW would be on your September and February content calendars.

3. Think about the season

Seasonal themes are also a great option when creating your content calendar! Back to school season is a great time to share content based on organization and new projects. Similarly, summertime is a great time to share content that will help your community save time.

4. Check trending search terms on Google/Pinterest

Still not sure what to add to your content calendar? Don’t fret! Check out trending search terms on Google and Pinterest to add additional topics into your content calendar. This also helps you answer questions your audience may already be searching for!
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5. Consider your intended posting schedule

When creating your content calendar it is important to be realistic about the quantity of content you can create. To find the best content schedule for you, we suggest reviewing the quantity of content you have created each month over the last 3 months. If you want to create more content it is best to slowly increase your production to avoid burnout and ensure you can still create the same high-quality content your audience is used to!
Willa Tip: If you are new to working with a content calendar, start by planning a single month at a time! This way you can avoid burnout and can adjust for the next month based on your learnings.

Your Action Plan

  1. Select the format that works best for your content calendar. Check out the following templates for each option!
    1. Google Sheets
    2. Notion
    3. Asana
  1. Go through steps 1- 5 to create your calendar
  1. Schedule time to execute your content calendar

Test Your Knowledge:

Do you use a content calendar? Share your tips (or questions) below!