5 Tips to Incorporate More Video on Instagram

5 Tips to Incorporate More Video on Instagram

The creator mantra in 2021 has been "video is king" so to help make it easier on you, we are sharing 5 tips to incorporate more video content without getting overwhelmed!
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by Kelly Stone
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Oct 14, 2021
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With the recent announcement from Instagram's Adam Moserri that they are "no longer a photo-sharing app" many creators have been looking to incorporate more video into their Instagram strategy. To help make it easier on you, we are sharing 5 tips to incorporate more video content without overwhelm!

Video doesn't have to be perfect & polished

While Instagram has a reputation for being a more polished and editorial social platform, video content on Instagram does not have to fit that mold. Casual video content has proven particularly successful on Reels.
Check out this example from Lissette of @Lissettecalv and @influencewithimpact.
Lisette shares the content timeline in the captions of most of her posts. The timeline for this one? Just 20 minutes for filming and creating a value-filled caption!
💡Willa Tip: Be sure to look for trending sounds that feature the ↗️ arrow when browsing reels!

2. Turn static posts into videos

If you are looking for a simple way to add more video content, try turning carousels or quote graphics into videos! Canva will easily allow you to create a reel like the one below with their animated text feature. This allows you to create content that is highly shareable as well. Check out the example below from BossBabe!
If text posts aren’t your thing, don’t fret! You can do something similar by turning carousel images into a short video as Melani of @Melanipedreanez has done in this reel!

3. Take more videos of your day-to-day

Taking more videos daily of small things you regularly do or would share to Instagram stories gives you more video content to work with. One common way to reuse this footage is to make a daily vlog, like this one from Maddie of @maddiiiemitchell.

4. Use photo & video editing apps

Video editing apps give you the opportunity to create more with the content that you already have. One example is the capcut photo trend which took off on TikTok. Here, Chau of @chau.ng uses this photo trend paired with behind-the-scenes footage to create a reel!

5. Try to use all IG video features

The more video content you create, the easier it will become and the more opportunities to repurpose it later! Instagram offers a wide variety of ways to share video content: In-feed videos, IGTV, Reels, Live, and Instagram stories. Leveraging each one and repurposing your videos is a great way to create more video content with ease.
What are your tips for incorporating more video?