13 Ways to Repurpose your Video Content

13 Ways to Repurpose your Video Content

With the recent push for video content from platforms & brands alike, we rounded up the best ways to reuse your existing video content and to stretch the use of anything new you make as much as possible.
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by Kelly Stone
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Oct 18, 2021
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Work smarter, not harder, that’s what everyone says, right? With platforms coming out with outrageous posting suggestions (We are looking at you, Instagram), being a creator is becoming increasingly difficult due to the constant need for fresh content.
We are always here to help make your life easier though! So we rounded up the best ways to reuse your existing video content and to stretch the use of anything new you make as much as possible.

1. Turn a live training into YouTube videos

Live trainings are a simple and easy way to get video content that can easily be stretched for a while. All it takes is one 45 minute to an hour long training that covers 3-4 topics (about 10-15 minutes/topic). Each of these points can be broken down into 3-4 steps/tips each.
Publish each of the topics as separate youtube videos later for 3-4 weeks of YouTube content. Looking to get even more use out of your video? Edit down each tip to under a minute and repurpose them as a miniature series on reels, tiktok, and as idea pins. Share the full video as an email opt-in to incentivize people to join your email list.

2. Share a clip of your YouTube Video Intro to IG & Pinterest

Publish a YouTube video recently? Share the intro as a teaser on Instagram & Pinterest. If you don’t have access to swipe up links on Instagram, share your teaser to IGTV so you can directly link to the full video in the caption.

3. Pull quotes from your video to turn into sharable graphics

These graphics can then be used across a variety of different platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want to stretch them even further, use canva pro to turn them into videos using their animation feature. You can also create story graphics by changing the size of your original post.

4. Repurpose your short-form video content

Short-form video content is dominating across most social platforms right now. Maximize your potential reach on each video by sharing to all platforms that have short-form video content. Short-form video platforms include:
  • Pinterest Stories
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat Spotlight
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Instagram Reels

5. Turn your training into a podcast episode

Remember that live training? Rip the audio from your live training and edit it into a podcast episode. Stretch your content even further by breaking it into the same 3-4 step process for making YouTube videos.

6. Edit a 1-minute video for IGTV

Take the most actionable items or share-worthy quotes from your live training to create a short IGTV. Include a link to the full video or blog post in your caption since IGTV allows clickable links in the caption.

7. Do an Instagram Live and save your video

Are you taking advantage of the potential on Instagram live by going live more? Don’t forget to download the video so you can do any necessary edits and then repurpose it to IGTV. Then you can use a software like Otter.ai to get a transcription of your live and turn that into a blog post.

8. Use snippets from previous lives to promote upcoming lives

Looking to promote an upcoming live? Take a short clip from one of your previous lives that is highly sharable and promote it on your feed and stories. This serves as an example of what your lives of like for those who have not joined yet!

9. Repurpose your Instagram Stories into a recap video

Don’t let your stories content go to waste! Edit your clips and/or images using an app like inshot to create a reel or tiktok style video. Simply edit your photos to have a short duration and add in short video clips as well.
💡 Willa Tip: If you share more informational content on stories, don’t be afraid to repurpose it after 60-90 days. It’s unlikely anyone will remember you posting it anyways!

10. Repurpose multiple videos around the same theme into a roundup post

Since most creators focus on one niche, it can be helpful to create roundup posts around specific topics. For example- have you reviewed several different activewear brands? Do a roundup post for your blog featuring those videos. Another option is to edit the videos together to make a longer video on your favorite activewear brands!

11. Use a sped-up version for a teaser

Looking for a creative way to make a teaser for your new video? Make a short clip that is sped up 3-4x to spark your followers' interest in your new video. You can also leverage a TikTok trend like this one to promote your new video!

12. Create a gif from your video to promote the full video

Gifs make for an easy way to add more videos to your content calendar. Create your own gif using a video you have shared online via the giphy.com website, just click create! You can also create your own using an app like GIPHY Cam.

13. Repurpose a TikTok series into a longer video

Series are a great way to get the ball rolling on video content. Why stop there? Turn a series into one long video. For example, if you shared a series of "common terms for creators to know" on TikTok, turn that into an IGTV by compiling your videos. Focused on short-form content? Make a short video using clips from your series to promote it on another platform. One possibility would be with something like a 30 days of outfits video and editing a short video with all the outfits.
Do you have a tip for stretching your video content further? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments!